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[deleted] 2015-07-05 17:19

I thought about exporting image with my floor plan to roomstyler, because at an angle of architecture this program gives me many more posibilities, than roomstyler, although I like it too. I wouldn`t like people to think that the floor plans i make here in floor planner are for sale, because I`m still learning and doing it for fun, or to have something to do something. Question, if i added photos, and after downloaded the image of my house with backyard and scenery, could I use these images in roomstyler as a other scenery to the plans i`m going to make in roomstyler in the future. This is my doubt, cause I seem to read something about it in manual of floor planner. 2015-07-06 06:13


In Roomstyler you can set your rooms to private, floorplans that are exported to roomstyler are not connected to the floorplanner project, but stand alone. If you export them, you will not export everything, only the walls doors and windows.

What you can do is furnish your room in roomstyler and create photorealistic renders from that room. Then download these images and import them in the media-tool in floorplanner.

Is this what you meant?

You may also want to check out the roomstyler manual, it works a bit differently than floorplanner.

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