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Gido | Floorplanner Staff
Gido | Floorplanner Staff 2013-02-05 08:07

We made a small document on how to prevent and fix problems with you walls and rooms:
How to repair your Floorplan

Still, if this doesn’t help you out we are happy to be there for you:
If your plan is suffering from white squares in your floors or something like that or just need some directions how to create a proper floorplan just let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you. If I can I will make a copy of the design where I have fixed the problem and place arrows in your original design where the problems are. Post your probelem here or contact me through the Contact page:

ps: don’t forget to copy the link to the project you’re working in so we can help you more quickly

Anonyme 2013-02-12 17:30

hi there
i sometimes get a white square appearing on my 2d view. and when i change the wall color and make it transparent on 3d, the walls reset when i go into 2d and back into 3d again.
please help. thanks

Gido | Floorplanner Staff
Gido | Floorplanner Staff 2013-02-22 08:54

You always need to create every single wall with the drawroom-tool and not use the singlewall-tool to close off rooms. Floors will only generate automatically alongside walls made with the drawroom-tool. If white gaps appear it means your walls are not connected somewhere. They could be overlapping, double placed or just not connected right.

Reg Natarajan
Reg Natarajan 2013-03-06 21:52

Hello, I’m brand new to floorplanner. Like I had never heard of it until today. Anyway, I did up a little floor plan and love it. I’m trying to lay out our new data center. I need computer racks and AC units and a diesel generator. All stuff you don’t have in your library. Can I add these? 2013-03-07 05:32

Hi! We have computer racks, search for server or network. We also have various airco’s, search for airco or climate. No Diesel generators yet though.

Anonyme 2013-04-03 00:55


I made changes to my wall thickness and now my rooms have white spaces.. is that normal? 2013-04-03 04:25

I checked your plan and it seems to be working fine now. Did you fix it yourself already?

Anonyme 2013-04-03 17:36

For some reason the floor in one portion of my floor plan is warped. Perhaps it’s rendering at a different elevation somehow? I can’t find what might be causing it.

Thanks in advance for any help. 2013-04-08 09:45

Hallo Gido,

Wij hebben op dit moment ook dit probleem. Hij creëert zelf geen ruimtes meer. Ze blijven wit.
Graag HULP 2013-04-11 04:30


kun je even de link naar het project pasten waarin je zat te werken? 2013-04-11 04:41

Hi Anonymous with the pink flower :)
I duplicated your design and fixed your floor. It was something with a double corner point.

Anonyme 2013-04-18 19:14

Hi, I have done a couple of practice floor plans and they saved as PDF fine. Now that I have completed one I really need, it saves to PDF with text broken and smudged and lines are blurry. I bought a credit in hopes of getting higher resolution image but it wont let me use the credit for existing plan, only to begin a new one.

The plan I need is 518 Sycamore st SE, can you have a look at it please and advise?

Thx 2013-04-19 09:06

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you’re not getting what you wanted. I must say, buying an extra project will not give you the functionality of a Plus account like exporting on higher resolutions and in PDF format. For this you’ll have to upgrade to a Plus account. You can upgrade to a Plus account on our pricing page. We can refund the extra project you bought if you wish.

Anonyme 2013-04-23 10:02

Hi, Gido. I could use some help with what you’re describing. I apparently have overlapping walls but can’t identify them – and I’m not sure how to fix them if I did. Would appreciate your help. – David 2013-04-24 08:13

Hi David,

I fixed it.

kind regards,


Anonyme 2013-04-26 14:08

Hi, Nico and Gido. I could really use some help with what you’re describing, the white lines… I obviously have overlapping walls, but i´m having trouble identifying them – and I’m not sure how to fix them if I did.. Would appreciate your help – Martin 2013-04-28 08:59

Fixed it.

Anonyme 2013-05-02 15:48

Hi, My bathrooms seemed to be white and not recognized as rooms.

Link 2013-05-03 18:02

Hey maybe you had a overlapping wall so it didn’t count as a room that’s what happened to me too. 2013-05-04 04:22

Found it and fixed it. You indeed had an overlapping wall between your bathroom and livingroom. I copied your design, so you can try to fix it yourself in the original. Just grab the wall, wiggle you cursor a tiny bit and release it.

Andre 2013-05-07 23:09

My floorplan will not display in 2d mode, only 3d. Can you help? I transfered the file rom magicplan and now I can no longer edit it as a result of the 3d only view. 2013-05-08 05:39

Hi, could you try to load this link First time I checked your plan it I had the same issue, but the second time it was just fine.

Anonyme 2013-05-10 06:03

HI, mine is just not loading. It gets to one point then fully stops loading.

Anonyme 2013-05-12 12:53

The floors aren’t populating on my plan. I used the create room for all of the dimensioning, what do I need to do? Thanks 2013-05-13 04:58

To the response of 05-10: You haven’t made any designs yet. Are you sure your flashplayer is up to date?

To the response of 5-12: you used the single wall tool for some inner walls, that’s why the area’s aren’t recognized. try replacing them with the room tool.

Anonyme 2013-05-19 00:00

Have an open concept living/kitchen/dining and have removed and added walls for hours using the room tool. Can’t figure out how to get rid of overlapping walls in an odd shaped room. Love this program but I am getting frustrated!

Anonyme 2013-05-20 01:18

Hello, My Floorplan won’t appear.. I already used left and right arrows but still can not see my Floorplan… Please help me.. thanks. 2013-05-21 06:33

@Anonymous 05-19: Fixed it for you. You’ll have to recolor some of your floors. 2013-05-21 06:52

@Anonymous 05-20: I fixed it, should reload now. BTW: Your plan is huge!!! So much work into it. wow

Anonyme 2013-05-23 22:38

“Cabin in the woods”

project is called " First try "
if the my house plans come back
can i change the name to
" cabin in the woods " … ???

I would like to be able to get back to my work/project … to see the one where i had a cat and a dog beside the armchair in the living room the problem im having is the same as the poster above ,

" HI, mine is just not loading. It gets to one point then fully stops loading "

flash is up to date , java is good if thats needed , ive rebooted , refreshed , still wont load completely , i have the mamual . also been patiently trying to get back in for almost a week now …. oh yes , i have the basic free one … wondering if you nice ppl could kick my plans back into existence again for me , please , thanking you in advance
ps: love the site , thumbs up guys
ps2: i also got rid of my cookies and temporary files … still no house plan

Anonyme 2013-05-26 14:02

Thanks Nico for fixing my floors! Already recommended your site to 2 people, its great and so is the nice support you offer. 2013-05-26 16:24

Hi Anonymous 05-23

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any plans to restore or repair in your account.
You can change the project name in the details, click the “i” in the top left, click the name and rename.

Anonyme 2013-06-02 13:21

Ik heb een plattegrond gemaakt met Magic Plan en geexporteerd naar Floorplanner. Wanneer ik de diktes van muren wil aanpassen worden soms muren afgeschuind naar een andere muur of de muur wordt in eens verlengt en “gekoppeld” aan andere muren en kan ik niet meer een muur van 1 bepaalde ruimte aanpassen. In Magic Plan de plattegrond samengesteld door het tekenen en koppelen van de verschillende ruimtes.


Alvast bedankt

Gido | Floorplanner Staff
Gido | Floorplanner Staff 2013-06-03 11:19

Dat kwam door een hele hoop muren die net allemaal een beetje scheef waren en daar kan Floorplanner niet goed tegen. Die heb ik voor je recht gezet.

Anonyme 2013-06-04 07:53

Beste Gido,

Bedankt voor het rechtzetten van de muren. Ik had de plattegrond gemaakt met Magic plan en had volgens mij alle ruimtes nagelopen of deze evenwiidig waren. KOmt dit vaker voor bij het inladen via Magic plan?
Net was ik bezig de plattegrond uit te breiden en aan te passen……en toen liep Floorplanner vast. Nu is mijn laatste ontwerp weg ;-( Is deze nog terug te zetten? Ik zal niet verder gaan.

Mvg. Jerry

Anonyme 2013-06-05 01:30

I have some problems with some rooms not coloring up, most likely have a double wall or something somewhere, but I’ve tried to look and I could find nothing I’m afraid :( Any tips/tricks for identifying mistakes?
// Daniel 2013-06-05 11:36

Hi Daniel, I just made this small instruction: Repairing your Floorplan

The error is in the wall in the top left of your plan. Can I use you as a guinny pig for my tutorial? If you don’t manage to fix it, let me know and I’ll help you out tomorrow.

Anonyme 2013-06-13 04:57

Hi, I made a floorplan but the 2D view just doesn’t reflect the same in 3D. There are white gaps and incorrect surface boundaries along several walls.

Could you please help me with it? Thanks :)

Awesome software, by the way!

-AQ 2013-06-13 06:17


Thanks, glad you like it :)
I fixed your plan by simply moving a wall backwards and forwards. Check out the link in my previous post for a small instruction on how to prevent/solve these issues.

Anonyme 2013-06-13 23:18

Thanks Nico :) Everything fine now!

Anonyme 2013-06-28 07:00

I’m having similar problems to above – I didnt look for help until I’ve nearly finished. I have one room that is white – ie not a room! and several bits where I have removed walls which are showing as white. Any help would be appreciated
Vicki 2013-06-28 07:50

fixed it for you.

Anonyme 2013-06-28 20:09

Hey, I really enjoy your program but I have run into the white square problem as well. I was able to fix a few but now I can’t find the problem and i don’t want to get any deeper into it until its fixed
Thanks alot for the help
-T 2013-07-01 08:19

Fixed it! It was some double wall in the middle right.

Carla 2013-07-22 18:12

Hello, I can´t get my plan to go on 3D, can you please check what is the problem? Flash keeps cracking up and it never finishes rendering the complete 3D plan…
this is my plan:

Gido | Floorplanner Staff
Gido | Floorplanner Staff 2013-08-06 18:47

Hello Carla, it’s kind of complicated. This can be heavy on your webbrowser with a result that it crashes. I can load it. Maybe updating the browser and/or the flashplayer will solve it.

Wouter 2013-10-20 15:31

Beste Gido, Beste Nico,
Helaas heb ik bovengenoemde problemen ook.
Diverse kamers heb ik met de kamer-tool gemaakt maar helaas worden de vloeren niet ingevuld.
(dit geldt voor mijn project: 28-begane grond).
Ik heb de PDF instructie gevolgd zonder resultaat.
De browser opnieuw opstarten hielp ook niet.
Op de andere verdiepingen werkt het wel prima.

Anonyme 2013-10-24 19:48

So, when I go to create a new room, it tells me I have to start at a corner of an existing room. When I draw my box, it’s only 3 sided, of course, so it won’t let it be a separate room. What am I doing wrong?

Anonyme 2013-11-21 08:38

i’m having the room reconition problem went through the repair tutorial and was unsuccessful. i think its overlapping walls but im unable to find them. 2013-11-26 05:21

The method to draw a separate room, just use your second room as a temporary room, draw a 3rd room from the second room and remove the 2 walls in between. 2013-11-26 05:30

About the dreamin plan: I fixed it for you, but what I noticed was that many of your interior walls we not actually connected to the exterior walls. Sometimes, you need to split the exterior wall to connect the interior wall in order to make the room enclosed.

Anonyme 2013-11-30 11:55

thanks mate.

Anonyme 2013-12-17 15:21

Is there a way to turn a floor plan 90 degrees without re-drawing the whole thing?

Anonyme 2013-12-20 04:18

Hi, when I look at my project in 3D on my Ipad the walls are all in full height even though I have set some of the walls to be 1m high. It looks ok when I do 3D on my PC.
It seems like the Ipad version doesn’t take wall height in consideration
Sorry just relized I put this in the wrong forum 2013-12-21 05:17

@Anonymous at 2013-12-17 15:21
Yes, right-click on an empty area to turn your plan

DesignerBill 2014-10-06 14:11

Hello. I find Floorplanner to be a good application for designing, especially since it is free, but many things are hard to do. One of the main ones is that walls can’t be moved freely; they always snap to some invisible point. Changing the scale does not help. The other problem is disappearing lines. I am using solid and dashed lines (not walls) to indicate a few features and they sometimes disappear from the plan and come back later. If I try to add them again, I might see the original line and the one I added. Another problem is in printing: Dimension measurement lines print in a large font that is not scaled for the size of the image, so they tend to get on top of each other and on top of other features in small spaces making the printout hard to read. 2014-12-03 05:37

I created a plan 9000mmx8500mm but when I finished it was slightly smaller ….is it possible to increase the dimensions without redoing the entire plan?

Anonyme 2014-12-08 19:20

Hi, how do I change back to the normal floorplanner 3d mode? I clicked on the 3d button again and I went to the old 3d mode, how do I get back??!!

Anonyme 2014-12-26 15:14

Hi, Im new to this thing and when I tried making a plan or going onto it nothing happened except having a blank computer sceen. Can you please help me??

Anonyme 2014-12-28 16:31

Hi, Im new to this and it is really great! I only have a slight problem. I am trying to create an open concept plan, but when I remove walls I do not have a room anymore. Also, when I tried the archway in doors is was so tiny that is was useless, and it looked nothing like archways you would normally see in an open concept house. I will be grateful for any tips or advice.
Thank You

Ralph 2015-01-12 14:33


Ik heb op de 1e verdieping een klein vierkant raam getekend. Deze wil ik 180 cm van de rechterkant plaatsen. Echter als ik dat doe verdwijnt het raam. Ik heb het nu maar om 120 van de kant geplaatst, want zodra ik deze verder plaats verdwijnt het raam. Naar mijn weten is de muur uit 1 stuk. Alvast bedankt voor de hulp.

Anonyme 2015-01-28 20:28

mi casa en flooplaner es la mejor

Anonyme 2015-02-05 18:14 One of my north facing garage doors doesn’t show up full size in 3d and one of my east facing doors doesn’t show up at all. I must have some walls messed up.
Thank you,

Anonyme 2015-03-03 20:45

Hola, envié el problema de mi proyecto en la sección de contact

Anonyme 2015-03-09 16:25

I can’t seem to change the color on my walls, I have a basic free account and I can change the wall colors on the tutorial but not on my house. is there any way to fix that or is wall coloring only for paying members?

Bernie 2015-03-17 19:49

Floorplanner is a great tool but I am having three minor problems:

1) One of my windows does not appear in 3D view. i have deleted and re-added the window and re-saved the floor plan several times and it makes no difference in 3D mode. I still can’t see one of my windows on the right wall.

2) My kitchen island is hovering. I have checked the elevation (0.0) and height (2.5 ft) but it still appears to hover in 3D mode. Again I tried to delete and re-add the island but it still hovers above the floor in 3D mode.

3) My floor plan is for a bungalow. I have tried to add stairs that lead down to the basement but they always appear to go up to the ceiling.


Anonyme 2015-04-23 04:13

I can’t remove my picture, I wanna remove it but I can’t and its not on my media list on the side.
Also I can’t see the 3d.

Anonyme 2015-05-12 01:29

I duplicated my floor plan into a copy, and made some minor adjustments, today when I wen to go over them with my husband, my floor plan will not load?

Lisa 2015-05-12 02:15

Hi there
i am so confused , my floor plan is meant to be 9.0,8.5. My 9.0 across measurement is correct, but can’t for the life of me get the 8.5, inspite of inputting it into the box below, adjusting line, etc. Also my Study is meant to be 374,powder room 225 and study 251. I have attempted to show these measurements, but failed. I also don’t know how to delete, incorrect dimensions that I have on the plan? Can you help me, and how do I send my attempt to you? thank you LIsa

Helen 2015-05-13 12:34

Hi, I am having problems with a door appearing in 3D. On the Wine cellar floor the entrance to the building doesn’t show in 3D. Also the lawnmower won’t show. Can you help please?
Thanks, Helen

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